Authentic Doner at Dronningens Kebab

Dronnings Kebab, has one of the best doner kebabs in Oslo. It's close to the central station and usually opens from noon to night.

It is very small, maybe two people can fit inside to order, but there are some chairs and tables outside.
I ordered a Kebab (beef) tallerken - stor, with pepsi, as they unfortunately did not offer ayran. I specifically asked for my tallerken to be without salad:

The meat had a perfect consistency with a proper fat ratio, just look at the crisp:

The meat was optimally spiced, maybe a bit short of salt, but overall awesome:

The bad:

  • Tzatziki would have been great
  • Ayran would have been great
  • Feta would have been great
  • The pita bread was not good and very disappointing (dry, and no content)

The good:

  • Sauces were good
  • Meat was awesome
  • French fries were good
  • Friendly staff
  • Price
  • Centrally located, late opening times, so might be good for an after-party snack

Conclusion: definitely awesome!