Good Doner at Balkan Pizza & Kebab House Bislett

Balkan Pizza & Kebab House Bislett was recommended to me as "one of the best in Oslo". Even they themselves are not shy of adding that given title into their flyers and posters around & inside the restaurant.

It is located walking distance from the Nationaltheatret Stasjon and, unlike Dronningens Kebab it has plenty of indoor seating.

The menu got me into the right mood by offering my favorite (meat / french fries / bread) not only as a single option, but in two variants: Alexander (shredded bread) and Pekka (bread in slices aside).

I went for Pekka. The flavour was good, the portion was huge, the bread was ok. The quality of the meat was similar to Dronningens Kebab:

A very nice mix of meat, sauce, french fries and bread:

One last picture because it was enjoyable:

Was this the best doner kebab in Oslo? Definitely not (at least I hope not). If anything it was on par with Dronnings Kebab, with better seating options. Maybe even a bit disappointing because I would have expected from the size of the restaurant and given that they serve pizza, a better turkish bread as side. But the bread was not fresh.

The bad:

  • Tzatziki would have been great
  • Ayran would have been great
  • The meat was not fresh, it was not shaved off freshly but came from a bucket and "refried". Obviously that adds a lot of oil and removes the juices. It was very dry.
  • The bread was disappointing given that they had the tools to make it from scratch + fresh

The good:

  • The menu options were perfect with great variety
  • Meat still had a good quality (e.g. not processed meat, just dry)
  • Portion

Conclusion: its ok, but hopefully not the best!